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Sandra Gracia Lowery is a Media Strategist, Marketer and entrepreneur. This #alphafemale went on a journey of self discovery in college where she discovered  the beauty of her afro-latina roots. With a newfound love and pride for who she was and where she came from, she was empowered to start afro-latinabeauty.com where she features and shares the stories of Afro-latinos as well as their culture with the worldThrough her site Sandra is motivating afro-latinos everywhere to take pride in who they are and is raising awareness for the afro-latino community around the world.

Learn more about this inspiring woman below!


Check out her website here: www.afro-latinabeauty.com



What is your personal definition of an Alpha Female? 


An alpha female to me is a strong relentless woman. Someone who isn't the loudest in voice but strong in presence and influence. When I think of the women I would identify as being Alpha females, they are all strong minded women with a great sense of self and great sense of their surrounding.


Who are a few women in your life that have had a role in shaping the woman you are today? 


The first woman that I admired for her strength, elegance, femininity, and selflessness was my mom. The older I get the more I appreciate and admire her strength and elegance. Throughout my life I have come across some pretty amazing women, all who I have stolen personality pieces from to help share myself into who I am today. Those women include teachers, track & field coaches, a high school mentor who worked at Kaplan, a high school boss from an after school tutoring program I worked at, two managers I had during a summer internship at VH1, and countless women who have taken me under their wings...even if just for a flash of a moment in time. What I am especially proud of is my amazing tribe of girlfriends who I call my sister-friends this also includes my first cousin - these women are my guide, my sounding boards, my emotional escape, and my cheerleaders.


What is your favorite quote to live by? 


I constantly repeat to myself and also find myself sharing with friends that "Everything happens for reason, and nothing before its time". As an innate planner, it can be disappointing when things don't go as planned or as expected but I like to think that happens for a reason. I am also a believer that things don't happen in our lives before we are ready for it....that can include relationships, a career move, etc. The second quote that I often use is "Opportunity meets preparation". I don't believe in luck but in doing the work. When we do the work, and the time is ours, things happen and opportunities present themselves.


What is a strength you have that has helped you achieve success? What is one weakness you have had and how have you overcome it in the pursuit of your goals? 


I think a strength is my innate curiosity and my restless spirit. My curiosity for things has made me very self-sufficient. Being able and capable can also be a weakness when it comes to delegating work and not taking on too much. Because I am an ideas person, I end up with ideas that I hold on to for too long without delegating and trusting someone else to execute in the way that I know I would. That has been something I've been working on over the last year.


How do you measure success? 


I measure success by my level of happiness and balance. My state of authentic happiness is so important to me and that keeps me pretty centered when deciding what to commit to as well as what and who to align myself with, etc. Balance is a key to success for me because overall and well-rounded growth is important to me. I never want to be so focused in one area of progress and progression, I alienate another...whether that be friends, family, my spouse, my health, work, my personal passions or my physical fitness and the things that make me feel beautiful and happy with me.


What are you afraid of? 


To be totally transparent, I am afraid of things like passing away at a young age, getting a fatal disease, and potentially not being able to have kids (...we shall see what happens when I start trying).


What was the most difficult part of your journey thus far? 


I think working in ambiguity and not really knowing what will come next and not being able to prepare yourself for the unknown can be a challenge but I've learned it is part of the journey.


What is your greatest success to date? 


I wouldn't say that I've had a major success but many mini moments and turning points that have lead to other opportunities and growth moments. I am still very much growing and evolving into a better and wiser version of me so I can't say I've had a major success that stands out.


What keeps you going when you feel discouraged? 


I definitely get tired and the NYC winters are getting harsher on my immune system but I feel like I am here on earth for a reason. I am trying to figure out what that bigger purpose is. I am driven by the pursuit of not living an average life and not only living for myself. In figuring this whole life thing, I am motivated by helping others and leaving a lasting impression on others.


What's one material thing you cannot live without? 


Does my phone count? My phone is my personal assistant!


If you could say one thing to girls/women around the world what would it be? 


You are worthy and enough! It is also important for women to support one another and be support systems to each other because we understand and can relate to one another differently. We accomplish more by assisting and supporting rather than comparing and competing. I would also advise to be a doer and less of a taker. Do for yourself, do what you love, do speak up, do stand up for yourself, do fight for what and who you love.


Thank you to Sandra for sharing your story, and motivating us to love ourselves and take pride in who we are!





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