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Salma Benkabbou is a lawyer with an unusual law practice. She serves her clients both in person and online and is the founder of SBLawOnline, PLLC. Salma is a progressive lawyer and business woman who seeks to appeal to the millennial generation and knows that with the freedom of the internet she can host clients anywhere. She is passionate about her work and makes her clients rights a priority. SBLawOnline, PLLC provides clients with a breadth of knowledge in Business Law that is essential to their success. This #AlphaFemale is a family oriented Boss Lady who continues to find the strength to succeed in an ever changing world. Learn more about her below!


Learn about her Law Practice here: http://sblawonline.com/about-us/




What is your personal definition of an Alpha Female? 


A female boss who can handle her business despite being faced with obstacles.


Who are a few women in your life that have had a role in shaping the woman you are today? 


My mother has been monumental in shaping the woman I am today. I remember how hard she worked and handled her business while still being a loving mom and an amazing wife.


What is your favorite quote to live by? 


"Don't worry about being successful but towards being significant and the success will naturally follow" Oprah Winfrey.


What is a strength you have that has helped you achieve success? What is one weakness you have had and how have you overcome it in the pursuit of your goals? 


My greatest strength has been my ability to overcome obstacles and put my personal issues aside to pursue my dreams and passions. My weakness when I was in my early 20s was caring too much what people thought about me or how I was being perceived. I overcame that with realizing that my authentic self is enough. People will have their perceived notions about me irrespective of how I present myself, so it's better to just be my authentic self in all it's glory and flaws.


How do you measure success? 


I measure my success by my ability to take care of my parents. My goal in life is to retire my parents.


What are you afraid of? 


I'm only scared of God. Everything else is just the illusion of fear.


What was the most difficult part of your journey thus far? 


The hardest part was overcoming being an illegal immigrant. As an illegal immigrant, I was not able to get a legal job and was unable to get scholarships I earned to college simply because I was not a citizen. It was rough taking standardized tests without any help. My parents couldn't afford to put me in prep courses and so I had to figure it out.


What is your greatest success to date? 


My greatest success to date would have to be opening my own law practice.


What keeps you going when you feel discouraged? 


My greatest motivation has always been to make my parents proud. They sacrificed so much for me and my brothers to have a great chance at a successful life. I keep a picture of them on my desk and every time I want to give up, I just look at them and know that my struggles are lesser than me.


What's one material thing you cannot live without? 


My phone. It's my connection to the world and my clients.


If you could say one thing to girls/women around the world what would it be? 


Never allow society to shape you into who you're supposed to be. Break ceilings by being unconventional and tap into your creativity. Create the life you want to live and put in the work and sacrifices necessary to get yourself there. Find your motivation in something greater than you, success is only meaningful if you're able to share it. Trust in your abilities to achieve greatness and build your substantive self-esteem. Your self-esteem is your building block to being an alpha female. It will repel the wrong people in your life and attract those who only want to see you grow.


A special thank you to Salma and her willingness to share her story! We are so inspired by her and hope that are too!




Alpha Females 

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