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Go From Victim to Victorious

 Life sucks, no seriously, it's difficult. Adulating was like learning Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, and paid vacations were a lie all in one day. Because of the the hardships of life it's very easy to feel discouraged, like one is a victim of its many trails and eventually we take on this victim mentality.


But NO! We want to let you know that though life is hard, and it will always be such, you are Stronger! You are a Fighter. You can go from victim to victorious if you truly desire to stop letting life kick you down and decide to get back up and own the life you deserve. 


Here are 5 Steps that will take you from Victim to Victorious:


1. Stop Complaining- venting has its place, it can even be therapeutic at times, however if done in excess it can have an opposite effect. The more you complain the more you focus on everything that is going wrong, this gives you no time to see all the things you have been blessed with. When you stop complaining you will also find you have so much more free head space to tackle your problems head on.


2. Do Something About It- STOP talking the talk, and START walking the walk. If you are in a less than desirable situation and you feel you need a change make a plan and get out! Psychologically it is proven that once you say something out loud you are less likely to do it (weird, we know). Take some time to sit down and write out what you wish to change in your life and what you need to accomplish to make those changes. Once you have a plan you'll notice you will even feel better, why because you have given yourself some direction, CONGRATULATIONS!


3. Develop a Positive Outlook- Attitude is half the battle, if you can train your mind to think of your success, to think of your happiness, you will become those things. Negativity is like a disease, the worst part too is that it's contagious! You will attract what you are, and the more positive you are the more positive your life will become, this is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself, to choose to see the good. 


4. Guard Your Environment- This goes for people and places. You become most like the 5 people you spend most of your time with (a moment and ponder your list), this makes it extremely important to be selective of those who will inevitably influence who you are. People can hold you back, never be afraid to remove those who are a hinderance in your life and insist on putting you down. If you're in a place that is holding you back, here is how you must proceed: A. Get up. B. Leave. C. Never look back. Environments that are no longer conducive to our growth can create problems for us. If you are in the wrong job, school, home setting try your best to leave, the world is your oyster find your place. 


5. Build a Support System- It takes a village. Do not think you can be victorious all on your own, you will need people, and the sooner you realize this the sooner you will embark on the path to success. Faith plays a large role here too, there is no greater support than that of Christ, he takes on our burdens and has promised to fight our greatest battles. Seek him, because with him on your side you cannot lose. 


There you have it Alphas! Now that you know how to be victorious, you are your only limit. If you can decide to implement these steps you will SLAY at anything you set your mind to. 




Alpha Females




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