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Trish Barillas is a woman who is not afraid to speak up about mental health! Anxiety is a mental illness that afflicts a great number in the population and Trisha Barillas has chosen to boldly be a voice behind it! Trisha is a Life and Career Coach whose work seeks to inspire others to reach their full potential. She has helped open up the conversation about Anxiety Disorders through her book, A Face of Anxiety, where she shares her personal struggles with the disorder and encourages those facing it to fight back against its paralyzing nature. Trish has started a movement and is on a mission to share peace and the benefits of healthy living with everyone. We are so moved by this woman's desire to speak out and pave the way for others to seek the help they need, she proves that together we ARE stronger. Check out her candid interview below!


Learn more about her movement here: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/

Get her book here: https://www.amazon.com/Face-Anxiety-Embrace-Take-Your-ebook/dp/B073WWKXD1




What is your personal definition of an Alpha Female? 


An alpha female is dynamic, a risk taker and authentic to the core.


Who are a few women in your life that have had a role in shaping the woman you are today? 


My mother first and foremost, Misty Copeland and Aretha Franklin


What is your favorite quote to live by? 


My dysfunction has now become my function - A quote from my book


What is a strength you have that has helped you achieve success? What is one weakness you have had and how have you overcome it in the pursuit of your goals? 


Determination is my strength, I never give up on myself or my dreams. When I set out to accomplish something/anything I put my heart and soul into it. A weakness would be having anxiety disorder but ironically without the disorder I'm not sure I would have been as determined so as you see it's a catch 22.


How do you measure success? 


My success is based on my genuine day to day happiness.


What are you afraid of? 


Everything actually, it's kinda the nature of anxiety, so I strive to overcome it all.


What was the most difficult part of your journey thus far? 


Having to give my book launch speech in front of my parents.


What is your greatest success to date? 


Seeing my #instabook become an actually book this year !!!


What keeps you going when you feel discouraged? 


My support system, it takes a tribe man and I'm blessed with such amazing loving people.


What's one material thing you cannot live without? 


My music playlists they are so soothing and I use it as a means of therapy.


If you could say one thing to girls/women around the world what would it be? 


Listen to your inner voice, it's strong and wants/needs to be heard don't be scared of what it tells you.



A special THANK YOU to this amazing woman and her willingness to share her story!




Alpha Females

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